Risk Factors provides a one-stop-shop solution that addresses your research, drafting, and knowledge management needs in relation to risk factors.

Generate first draft rapidly

You may generate an advanced first draft of the risk factors section using your precedents or precedents from a database.

The solution automatically groups risk factors from the precedents by granular topics. This enables you to compare the precedent risk factors and identify the applicable risk categories easily.  

Identify risk categories in a draft

The solution scans the risk factors section in a draft and identifies the categories the risk factors fall under.

This helps categorising risk factors in compliance with disclosure regulations. Comparing against a peer issuer’s disclosure, you may also quickly identify what additional risk factors should be added.

Extract insights from precedents

The solution extracts and classifies individual risk factors from precedents.

You may use the solution to research the risk categories typically covered by issuers in a specific industry or region and the relative weightings assigned to each of them based on number of appearances.

Combined mindmap

Build your own database

You may build, expand, and maintain your own database using the solution.

For example, you may create a database by grouping your preferred precedents for “SaaS IPOs”. The solution will extract risk factors from the uploaded precedents, readying them for future drafting and research purposes.