10BE5’s diversity commitment

We at 10BE5 are proud of the diverse composition of our team.

  • Our founders are of Arabic and Asian heritages and have lived in many parts of the world, including Brussels, Cairo, Hong Kong, London, Paris, and Washington DC.
  • Our development team is female-led and all full-time engineers are or self-identify as women.
  • Before we engage anyone on a full-time basis, we always start with contracting to get to know them better first. Two thirds of the individuals we have contracted with to date self-identify as ethnic minorities in the UK, where we are based.

This approach has enabled us to assemble a highly talented team and benefit from a diversity of perspectives. We believe that it has also led to greater productivity and innovation. This is evidenced by our ability to bring an advanced tech solution to market in under nine months in an exceptionally capital-efficient fashion.

We are committed to maintaining this diversity and have instituted a formal diversity policy to inform our ongoing approach. We intend to report on our progress on an annual basis and invite all our followers to monitor us. Any suggestions on what more we could do to encourage members of underrepresented groups to apply to join us in future would be particularly welcome.