Technical team

Meet our talented developers

Here at 10BE5, we are blessed with a diverse, dedicated, and experienced tech team. The team collectively has extensive software engineering and data science experience in start-ups, large companies, research institutions, and data science consulting across Hong Kong, India, South Korea, and the United Kingdom.

The team is headed by Vivian, who has been with us right from the beginning and developed the MVP that helped secure our first institutional shareholder. She has software development experience in both start-ups and large companies, including a SaaS company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Outside of work, Vivian is a cooking enthusiast and plays the guitar.

We really work as a team here and everyone has contributed ideas that have made their way into the development roadmap from time to time!

Vivian, Lead Software Engineer

Vivian is joined by Jin from South Korea and Manu from India. Jin is a full-stack developer and studied computer science and engineering in Hong Kong, Denmark, and Switzerland. She previously worked for a prominent blockchain start-up that provides digital asset custody for the banking sector in the Asia-Pacific region. Jin enjoys drawing and reading.

I particularly enjoyed the opportunities to interact with individual lawyers from top global law firms. It’s clear what we have built actually solves a big problem for them.

Jin, Software Engineer

Manu has over 20 years of software development and data science experience. He holds a Master’s degree in Data Science from University College London. He previously worked for blue-chip companies like Fidelity Investments, Schneider Electric, and Mphasis (then a Hewlett-Packard company). Manu is a classic motorcycles enthusiast as well as an avid photographer with an extensive portfolio of nature, fashion, and wedding shoots.

10BE5 is a really forward-thinking and innovative place. There is a clear objective that everyone is working towards and the products have significant real-world implications.

Manu, Data Scientist

In addition, the team works closely with a number of regular contracting engineers. This has enabled us flexibly to expand capacity when the need arises as well as introducing fresh perspectives. For example, one of our contractors is Ben, who holds a PhD in Plasma Physics.

10BE5’s developers are some of the hardest working and most talented people I have ever met. I have no doubt it will be a great success and am glad to be a part of that journey.

Ben, Solution Architect (contracting)